My Journey

Leigh Ann Lipscomb has made the study of the interface between science and spirituality a lifelong pursuit. She has a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Other credentials include

  1. Certification from the Resonance Repatterning Institute of Chloe Faith Wordsworth
  2. Healing the Family, course taught by Magui Block
  3. Emotional Freedom Technique Certification
She is currently enrolled in the Shamanic energy medicine program of the Light Body School (of Alberto Villoldo).

A gifted healer, she uses a range of modalities including color, movement, cranial sacral work, sound, and acupressure in sessions that are deeply healing. Her style is knowledgable and competent, yet gentle and reassuring. She helps people drop the habits and patterns that are holding them back, thus allowing them greater happiness and the freedom to live life to their full potential. She works with people individually in person, on the phone, and online over Skype and Zoom.
My Journey