Resonate with Weight Loss

03 May

Resonate with Weight Loss

Leigh Ann Lipscomb, Ph.D.

May 3, 2020

My client Hannah, age 53, recently scheduled a session to work on weight loss. She’d started a weight loss program about six weeks ago. She’d done well in changing her eating habits and taking up an exercise program. So well, in fact, that she’d lost 10 pounds in the first month. She was thrilled, to say the least… and then the weight loss stopped. She was still 15 pounds shy of her goal.

Her weight loss stopped even though she was continuing the healthy eating habits and exercise that enabled her to lose the 10 pounds. In a sense, she was stuck. She began to work on her digestion, taking probiotics, enzymes, and fiber, but even then, her weight remained at a stubborn plateau. 

Hannah described all of this to me at her session, and I knew that her weight problem had underlying emotional causes.

The link between weight problems and our emotions has long been well-established. That said, few people understand this link, and despite knowing that emotions cause weight problems, there is typically little people can do about it. Therapy may help, for some, but for most, the problem has remained unsolvable.

For Hannah, we used muscle checking that day to identify the emotional issues underlying her weight plateau. Here are the results, and the statements are framed from Hannah’s perspective:

  1. The world is a hostile place. Hannah perceived the world to be a hostile place. Several of her relationships were difficult, and she didn’t feel she really had any close friends. This belief was apparently the one primarily responsible for Hannah’s weight loss problems. 

  2. I can’t see my direction. My vision is clouded. Hannah also felt very stuck in her career. She had planned to start her own business for years but lacked the courage needed to leave her secure day job. She couldn’t see her precise direction forward to the life she longed to create; this inability to see her direction was identified as another important pattern in Hannah’s weight loss session. 

  3. I inappropriately bring closure to a communication because I am scared of intimate sharing and hearing another’s feelings. This was true for Hannah on many levels, in regards to friendships, her relationships with parents, children and other relatives, and in her romantic relationship. As in number one, fear was of primary importance.

  4. I feel powerless to make any changes in my life and circumstances. Hannah was incredibly frustrated with her perceived inability to create her life on many levels. She felt stuck and motionless.

An important part of many Resonance Repatterning sessions is the ability to recreate childhood experiences for ourselves, and this is wonderful news. Through a simple process, the particular childhood experience that has significant contributions to our current day problems can be identified. The difficult emotions and limiting beliefs related to that experience can be released. We ask the clients what they wish would’ve happened instead, and the only requirement is that this ‘new memory’ brings them joy. In this way, the negative effects of traumatic experiences are minimized.

For Hannah, the early experience that needed to be addressed was not particularly traumatic. She was two months old, and simply lying in her crib on her own, expressionless, without anyone around. The feeling of being lonely, and the belief that she isn’t fully alive, were  released, and she formed new positive beliefs and images based on a ‘new’ earlier experience; one in which she was surrounded by a big, loving, happy family, and many friends - and they were all holding her, adoring her, and passing her around.

The new, coherent patterns that Hannah integrated during her session involved handling social situations with ease, getting out into the world and interacting with others, and going into action to manifest her ideas and inspiration.

I spoke with Hannah about two and a half weeks after her session, and she’d dropped five pounds. Perhaps even better, she was enjoying a new outlook on life, comfortable in social situations, and moving forward with plans to create her best future. She no longer felt powerless, and she had hope for the future.

Can Resonance Repatterning help you the same way it helped Hannah? I’d say that it is highly effective for weight loss when combined with healthy eating habits and exercise. What makes addressing emotional issues for weight loss tricky is that they are different for each of us. This is why the use of muscle checking is absolutely imperative, and why no two Resonance Repatterning sessions are the same. If you have been on a healthy eating plan, getting plenty of exercise, and still not getting weight loss results, I’d definitely say that Resonance Repatterning is worth pursuing. Hannah is certainly glad that she did.

[Note: The name of the client who actually received this session has been changed to protect confidentiality.]

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