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Individual Sessions

Individual Sessions
In-person, online, or by phone, all with maximum benefit....

Individual sessions last 1 - 2 hours and we go in-depth to look at what underlies the difficulties the client is facing. I have seen resonance repatterning (RR) offer amazing relief from issues such as depression, anxiety, grief, anger, addiction, financial difficulties, relationship difficulties, and much more.

Most of our beliefs are formed in childhood. In RR sessions, we often identify the emotions around a negative earlier experience, as well as the beliefs that were formed. Then, we can decide what we wish happened instead. The idea is simple; the negative experience is over, but the subconscious mind perceives that the event is still happening. There is no need for this experience to hurt us anymore, because all that is there, really, is an image of an event in our mind. We can replace the image with one of what we wish happened instead. In a RR session we have remarkably simple ways of doing this including movement, sound, color therapy, acupressure, cranial sacral therapy (finger contact to various places on the head), polarity contacts (placing the hands on the body to move stuck energy) and much more. Muscle checking is used to find the best method for each client. The effect on our present day lives is quite remarkable.

Healing the Family

Healing the Family
Would you like to free yourself from difficult family patterns that are holding you back? The influence of negative family patterns on our health, relationships, and general well-being is remarkable. Co-dependence is one of many examples. Family constellation work is a powerful method by which these negative family patterns can be released. Leigh Ann has studied with Magui Block and offers family constellation work in sessions. Schedule a session to release the family patterns that limit you and your children. You'll be amazed.

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My Journey

Leigh Ann Lipscomb has made the study of the interface between science and spirituality a lifelong pursuit. She has a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Other credentials include

  1. Certification from the Resonance Repatterning Institute of Chloe Faith Wordsworth
  2. Healing the Family, course taught by Magui Block
  3. Emotional Freedom Technique Certification
She is currently enrolled in the Shamanic energy medicine program of the Light Body School (of Alberto Villoldo).

A gifted healer, she uses a range of modalities including color, movement, cranial sacral work, sound, and acupressure in sessions that are deeply healing. Her style is knowledgable and competent, yet gentle and reassuring. She helps people drop the habits and patterns that are holding them back, thus allowing them greater happiness and the freedom to live life to their full potential. She works with people individually in person, on the phone, and online over Skype and Zoom.
My Journey

Pet Repatterning

Did you know that pets love repatterning too? Great for dogs, cats, and horses, or any animal. Does your dog have signs of anxiety? Does your cat have problems with the litter box? Is your animal a rescue? Have trauma in its past? Animals can be relieved of many problems including anxiety, aggression, litter box issues, and much more. E-mail chicoresonancerepatterning@gmail.com with questions. We are happy to help your pet.
Pet Repatterning

Group Repatterning

$ 280

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Child repatterning

  • Child's session
  • In person, online, or over the phone

Phone Consult

  • Phone Consult
  • 30 minutes

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